All these new Suhali bags...

  1. are GORGEOUS!!!:heart:

    If some one bought a L'Extravagant, I think I would just die!

    I can't stop looking at all these Le'FABs!
  2. Well, the name makes it easy for you to remember how fabulous they are ! ;)
  3. i thought these were pieces that were around for a while...
  4. I meant.... like LV addicts new blue one, Star's new blue one, the new plum one thats up!
  5. The La fab is so nice.
  6. the Le Fabuleux is one of my next targets -- i hope :P
  7. I was so close in getting my Le Fab! Ugh. Soon maybe.
  8. I would love a Le Epanoui GM or a Le Fab too. *sigh*....
  9. There's a nice one I haven't seen before in the pre Fall 2006 preveiw at LV site. Browse the collection & it's #11 The bag is called L'Inoubiable & it's very pretty. I have it on my wish list.
  10. i wouldn't mind owning a black L'Extravagant with silver hardware :love: but i don't see that happening at all :cry: i want a Suhali bag too :censor:!


  11. Can't wait to see it is person. I wonder what colors it will come in?
  12. I like them in white the best. Looks so classy and pure!
  13. The white one in the picture looks really pretty, but I'd like to see the black one too. I can't wait until it's listed on the site & we can see the dimensions & colors. Then it will go on my official LV site wish list so my husband can get the hint.
  14. My SA wasn't at work the other day but I asked the SA who greeted me about this bag. She didn't know anything about it and didn't have any idea when the new bags would be out. Maybe the SA's should join this forum so they would know what's going on!
  15. I just got a new Suhali bag and if I can figure out how to post pictures I will put it up.:yes: