All these new changes!!!!

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else eyes hurt from these new colors on TPF!!!
    It's pretty neat once you look around and more *slick* anyone do Graphic Design?
    What do you think?? I'm trying to not be like my 80 year old Grandma and embrace this change! hee-hee. :jammin::supacool:
  2. I Like it. The Blue is more pleasing that bright pink. I like the layout and all the changes. It almost seems easier to scan the posts.
  3. I REALLY like it alot!! BRAVO TPF!! Very Cool!
  4. I really like it too!
  5. I agree with Lexie it's much easier to keep track of the threads you've posted in too.
  6. Looks pretty good to me!:heart:
  7. Multi-Quoting, how fab!:yahoo:
  8. I hate changes. I am still learning all the old ones. arghhh!!
  9. I think that might be part of my "shock" I have never belonged to a Forum before, no news groups or anything so navigating tpf has taken me some time--then they go and change it up!

  10. I really like it too.
  11. I like it too. Everything's so much clearer now, but it takes getting used to after the pink.
  12. Oh I really really like it. Blue is much more soothing on the eyes than the vivid pink. I love pink but when you're on tPF for a few hours it was too much pink IMO.