All these fake GH bags

  1. So gross! What is up with all the fake GH bags showing up on eBay? Ew! Also, my friend just got back from NY and said she went there expecting to purchase an authentic GH from BalNY, but when she saw all the street vendors, etc. selling them she could not stomach a real one anymore. I feel the same way. I was so wanting one, but now seeing that the fakes are everywhere (even spotted one in my mom's little hick town and that's bad), I'm so off the GH and back on the RH bandwagon. Am I the only one?
  2. In New Orleans and the surrounding suburbs, I see all RH fakes everywhere. The mall even has a vendor openly selling fake RH bags. I've seen maybe 1 GH fake here to every 10 RH fakes. My point is buy what you like. The authorities really need to put their foot down on vendors selling copyright infridgement bags, its sad.
  3. yeah even the little boutique down the street from my little suburb is selling GH bbags in all different colors, and you really have to be familiar with a real one to tell the difference. it's definitely making me rethink buying GH but...i just love it too much!
  4. I agree with kittenslingerie that you should get what you like. I lived in NYC all my life and I do not know where to begin when it comes to replica bags. That is why I am so turned off when I see or hear LV. They are everywhere and it only gets worse. Now that I am in Houston, I see fewer counterfeits but that is because there are very little pedestrians in Houston (you rarely see people walking on the streets and sometimes there are no sidewalks even) and the fashion sense is a little different. I miss NYC ... sorry... I digressed. No one other than yourself cares if the bag you are carrying is real or fake. I tell myself "yes, I spent over 1K on this bag I love it and I am proud of it". I used to get so angry at those people carrying the fakes and being Asian in NYC people assume I have a fake because of those people buying and selling the replicas but what can I do? I cannot stop this industry of counterfeits but I can object to it and continue buying the deal stuff.
  5. I'm with you ladies on the buy what you like thing. Perhaps my annoyance with all these fake GH bags in particular is because for me personally I haven't embraced the new hardware like I originally hoped I would and I cringe even more when I see a fake one because they are just sooooo bad. Although most of the fake RH bags are so bad too and when they first started getting knocked off they too were everywhere and laughable to look at (still are). Not to go off on too much of a tangent, but there's a boutique I know that has a horrid fake RH city that they're actually trying to sell for hundreds of dollars. I mentioned it to the girl working there and showed her my real city compared to the fake and she said she'd talk to the owner about the fake. Every time I go back, it's still there. I guess I can't imagine someone crazy enough to spend that on a blatant fake anyway, so it gives me a nice chuckle every time I see it's pleather body and painted silver little hardware staring out at me like beady little eyes.....
  6. I work in NYC and there are fakes ALL over the place. Sad considering all the wonderful designer stores here in the city.(I LOVE FIFTH AVE!) I am still proud to carry my real bags even though there are fake replicas everywhere. The way I see it, those who are into designer bags like we are know the difference and can tell I've got the real deal. And who cares about everyone else! :balloon: