All these changes

  1. WOW!!! After I went to bed last night everybody was very busy. I just clicked on the forum and we now have two new subforums, a really fancy logo at the top and Kristie has a new name. Kristie, I am glad you have adorable Lux in your avatar otherwise I would be wondering all day, who is Grands Fonds and why does she have so many posts. That's it, I cannot go to sleep anymore, I miss out on all the fun.
  2. I'm with ya there, DG......last night I think I was off for one hour! Came back and if it wasn't for Lux in the avatar I would STILL not know who Grands Fonds was!!!! Love the new look though.... and the easy manouvering too!!!!
  3. I'm tempted to change my name too. I'm sick of Kou
  4. I like your name, but if you change it... how about...
    "Fushia:love: miya" :cutesy: ;)
  5. :lol: That's a good one!! Maybe I should do that. Fuchsiamiya. Fuxiamiya ... Fuxiamia ... Fuxiamya.
  6. Yeah! :yes: your new identity...maybe it will speed up your ostrich purchase!;) :wlae:
  7. yeah, and there is a post in which (due to the name/avatar change), it looked like Grands Fonds special ordered baby Lux!:wtf: :lol: , I started to think what will Kristy think of this! :amazed:
  8. Well Hermes is becoming really exclusive now, the scarves are special ordering people to wear them. :lol:
  9. Kou, don't change your name, I really like it. It is very unique.
  10. :roflmfao: :lol:
  11. ^LOL - I'm glad you all recognised me......I was a little concerned at having my real name up, so Vlad kindly changed it for me!

    Kou - I love your screen name!!
  12. I love the changes as well. I think it is just great when you enter the subforum and all the newest threads are hitting you smack in the face. Vlad and Megs did a really great job. I also have to say that Greentea and Jag had some super input and it all happened swiftly. Enjoy it!
  13. Kou, don't change your name!
  14. Kristie, when I saw "Grands Fonds" I thought to myself : "lots of new ladies lately!" then I thought "...but I know this baby in the pic.." Finally I realized it was you! Duhhh!!LOL