All these Chanel bags are authentic & affordable.

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  1. Ladies please check out this link..


    This website claims to sell authentic bags, especially Chanel, but I still think the price is too low & too good to be true.

    Has anyone bought from this website before?
  2. I'd change the title of your thread as it's not phrased as a question..but yes, they are fake and hopefully Chanel's lawyers will pull the plug on them shortly.
  3. No one sells Chanel bags online w/ the exception of some very few on bluefly. They're fake elsewhere.
  4. Fake.

    As others have said, authentic Chanels are not sold online other than Bluefly and some consignment shops, but I don't think that Chanel has actually "authorized" it(?)
  5. Can't possibly be real Chanels.....Chanel and affordable - NEVER seem to be in the same sentence...hahahaha.:p
  6. authenticity questions should only be posted in the Authenticate This! sticky please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.