All the sudden in love with Chanel Jackets

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  1. I just bought my first Chanel tweed jacket a couple of months ago. It is the perfect basic jacket imo--it's black tweed, no collar, waist length, closes with hook and eyes. Very chanel and something I can see myself wearing for many years to come.
    I've never had a Chanel jacket and when I slip this on, I feel terrific! I mostly wear it casually with jeans. I recently saw a picture of another Chanel jacket that is very similar to mine. It is also Fall/Winter of last year and the only difference is that it came in pink and offwhite and has two camellia flower pins on it.
    I find myself lusting after this jacket but found out that I missed the boat and it is sold out.
    I did find a couple on ebay in my size and am conteplating getting it.
    My question is, would you get two jackets that are very close in style but different color? It is a huge investment piece for me. I'd get the cream one not the pink (although I love the pink too!)
    Pros--love the shape, cream and black are classic neutrals that I could wear forever, buying from ebay would save me about $1k
    Cons-- would have to buy from ebay (but new not used), is the same shape as my one black jacket.
    Would love your advice. I'll also post a picture of the jacket that I'm thinking of getting. I think there is a picture in the ref thread.
  2. The gorgeous lblbd has this jacket that I'm thinking of in pink. One is currently on ebay in my size for about $1k off.
  3. I've seen the same version in black and it is TDF! I'm sure that the pink one is smashing in person.

    I'm in love with Chanel RTW too!!!

  4. Absolutely :yes:
  5. ^^My black one is virtually identical to this (as far as I can tell without being able to hold them next to each other) except for the flowers.
    Would having the cream or pink be overkill of the same style? or is this such a classic Chanel jacket shape (and two very different colors) that having two would be justified?
  6. I like this answer.;)
  7. LOL! For me, honestly, it would be justified. If it is something I would WEAR then I do not mind spending the $$$ and I duplicate clothing all the time :shame: :P
  8. Cute! Congrats!
  9. I LOVE this jacket:smile:!!!!!!
  10. would you get two jackets that are very close in style but different color? Yes and have done so before.

    Have you called around different stores to see if there are any still available? Sometimes people buy on impulse because of the sale and then go home with buyer's remorse or they suddenly need money and must return. Anyway, GET IT! :P

  11. That is a great idea. I have only tried NM and my SA there told me that this style sold out before sale and there were no more left in the system. Does anyone know if this style did go on sale? Has anyone seen these in boutiques?
    I wonder if I should try the major dept stores ( Saks, Bergdorf) or go straight to Chanel boutique?
  12. I think if you really like it, I don't see any problem in getting it in a different color.
    After all, you know you love the style, and it fits you best, so there's nothing wrong to get it in a different color you know that you will definitely love. I used to think that if I already have something similar, then I shouldn't get it in a different color. But now I realize that there are just certain styles that compliments each person, and why should I go for a different style just becuz I don't have it, and you don't necessarily love it that much? Why not go for something that you know will definitely look good on you even though you already have a lot of similar stuff.

    I agree with burberryprncess, you should search around dept. stores before you decide to buy it off *bay. GL!!!
  13. ^^thanks on with NM right SA didn't even check the computer--just told me it sold out. This lovely SA at another location is now searching inventory. I'm on hold...
    I guess I'll try Saks next, then maybe bergdorf...

    Ok, she just came back on and found the pink!!! --at least that is what is showing so she has a call into the Chanel specialist at that store...
    Now she is checking for cream...

  14. I remember my SA mentioned it was on sale.
  15. OP, I love Chanel tweedy jackets too, :: swoons::
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