All the Single Ladies...

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  1. Whose going to buy themselves a Coach Valentine's Day present? Haha I know I am! :smile:
  2. ....If you like 'er then you betta put a Coach ring on it.
    ....If you like 'er then you betta put a Coach ring on it.
    ....Uh Uh Oh Oh Oh oh, Uh Uh oh oh oh oh

  3. :lol:.....:tup:.....:party:.....:urock:
  4. :happydance::party:
  5. I buy myself gifts for V-day, Christmas,Mothers Day, My birthday and my sons birthday (hey i did the work). Afterall no one will spoil me as well as I do.
  6. You are so funny. Good one!

    I love this song.
  7. Haha I love It! lol
  8. I'm not single, but I definitely buy myself presents all the time! :biggrin:

  9. ^^^Me too^^^
  10. doublepost
  11. me three!!
  12. I bought myself Coach for Valentine's Day, but that's because my boyfriend and I are on a limit of only $20 gifts for each other. We're going to Vegas the following weekend and would rather spend the money there. Hehe!
  13. :lol:

    That song jumped into my brain when I saw the title. Well, minus the Coach part.
  14. I am!!! I want this pretty thing!
    even if i wasn't single, would still buy myself presents for all major holidays lol I deserve it :P

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  15. I am single. :-p I actually purchased myself a Large purple Garnet from ebay for an AWESOME price. It probably won't be here by valentines day, but it should be here soon!