All the pretty horses

  1. I adore horses and would love to gather in this thread all the H items that have horses in them. There are of course a lot of scarves, H au galop (which I love!!!), Mannheim Horse Show 1997, Harnais Francais, Houvari etc.etc

    Please post a picture of any horse-featured items you have:flowers: Thank you kindly:heart:
  2. I don't have any Hermes Scarves but how about Charms with Horses?

    Not so good with their proper names too :p...Feel free to correct me!

    • Hermes 3 Charm (one of them has a horse...)
    Hermes Bag Charm Ed.jpg
    • 2004 Pegasus Cadena (Pardon the Bracelet. Old pic, too lazy to retake :p)
    Pegasus Cadena .jpg
    • 2007 Carousel Cadena
    Carousel Cadena ED.jpg
  3. Thank you for posting, beautiful items!! I love the Pegasus and Carousel cadenas, never seen that first charm before!
  4. Les Mustangs is BEAUTIFUL
  5. nola, do you want to ban me from this thread? you may get more pictures than you were bargaining for!!! :p
  6. Definitely not! Anything you got, share:nuts:
  7. Ooh I´ll have to go seach it.
  8. there's that new silver charm/chain with a horse that is pretty!!
  9. The Pegasus Cadena is my favorite...:smile: Keep the pictures coming. :smile:
  10. its one of my fav scarves!
  11. This could be the longest thread in board history you know...
  12. [​IMG]
    Champs de Courses
  13. Yep, it would be easier to post the things NOT horse related. Even the bags, belts, and bracelets are indirectly inspired by tack.