All the pretty bags....

  1. I was soooo lucky to have Megs and Vlad stop by my apartment when they were in NYC (to look at shoes for sale), but was so embarrassed that I still hadn't posted my bag collection. As most bags have all been sitting on the treadmill since I pulled them out for show and tell, I figured I should finally document them with photos!

    So here they are! I should carry these in my wallet at all times to force me to stop buying!

    7 of the 8, as I kept forgetting how many I had! I got tired of retaking the picture!


    Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and the missing Gucci:


    I'm a huge Ferragamo fan. What can I say? I'm a banker for most of the day. I have one other evening bag I forgot, so I added it at the end. The black bag with wallet were my first designer purchases at Heathrow Duty Free about 10 years ago (aack!).


    Miu Miu, Prada, Gryson:


    Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Celine:


    Lambertson Truex, Botkier, Kooba, Be&D:


    Rafe, Isabella Fiore, Michael Kors:


    The missing Ferragamo clutch:


    So there we go. I left out the Cole Haans, Kate Spades, Coaches et al, as I am in the process of selling those. As you can see, I love Gucci best, but don't have loyalty to any particular brand. I guess I easily fall in love! :P

    Goodness, now I have to get these all back in my closet. :wtf:
  2. It was a pleasure meeting you Carolyn, thanks for finally posting your goodies!!!
  3. By the way, all of Daisy Duke's Lovely Lickin' still keeps me clean to this day! I haven't showered since. :whistle:
  4. Oooooh I love the Gucci large tote, it's gorgeous ! Lovely collection !
  5. Wow thats a lot of bags! You have great taste. I especially love your Guccis.
  6. LOL @ Vlad!

    You have a GREAT Collection, thanks for sharing it w/ us!
  7. Tons of beautiful bags....WOW!!!
  8. :roflmfao: Too funny! Anytime you guys are back in NYC and need a pug grooming, just let me know!

    I'm still trying to get a picture of her lounging out on some of the bags, but she's actually behaving and leaving them alone! Go figure!
  9. You have a fabulous collection!! I love the green Gucci and the Manhattan GM!
  10. nice collection! thanks for sharing.. i love your guccis
  11. What stunning collection, thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for sharing!!

    LOVE the large white leather trim & beige GGs scarf tote!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!
  13. wow ... great collection
  14. Fabulous collection!! I love that you have a little of everything!:love: :yahoo:
  15. Thank you all for your nice comments! :P