All the new HH white Lorca owners...are you pre-treating your bag?

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  1. Im trying to decide if I should spray it with something before using....but I am worried about changing the color and also about the fact that the leather is so soft and I dont want to affect the finish. Im considering AppleGarde, Wilson's or possibly Lexol (that's what our local leather store uses)
    I know if I dont put anything on it I'll wreck it with a week lol
  2. Unfortunately, I missed the white Lorcas this time, but I did get an Inka in Chalk last summer.

    I pre-treated it with the Apple Guard spray. I think the spray worked really well... I dragged that bag everywhere last summer! The only thing it didn't prevent was transfer from a new pair of dark jeans onto the back. I used The apple guard cleaner and managed to take off about 90% of the transfer on the back of the bag, but you can still tell where it was.
    Anyway, that's just my 2 cents, but I recommend the spray and it didn't affect the finish or the color or anything like that.
  3. I don't have a white Lorca, but like forestthrutrees I also have an Inka in chalk. I loved the buttery leather & I wasn't sure how the leather would feel after I treat it with the apple guard, so I didn't treat the bag. Bad idea! The leather sucked in all the dirt because I don't baby my bags. :cry: Later, I tried removing some of the most obvious spots, but still the bag has lost the wonderful snowy white color...

    If I were to get another white bag from HH, I think I would definitely treat it. I'm not sure which spray I would use though.

  4. aww that's so sad! i love the white color! i wouldn't want to buy a white bag because i would be so worried about getting it dirty:wtf: