all the info I can get on the Degrade Indy!

  1. I fell in LOVE with this bad at Nordstom the other day! I would love to find it for under retail!

    Can I get all the info that you guys know please! Please tell me it isn't limited and I'll be able to find it for a good deal:drool:

    THANK YOU!!!!
  2. helllooooo out there????
  3. Your are not going to find this bag on eBay- authentic anyway!

    And you wont find it under the retail price yet either!
  4. I havent seen the Indy for less than retail....sorry.
  5. Thanks for the info guys!
    I firgured this was new since the lady at the store was trying so hard to sell it to me!

    Is this something that is going to be around for awhile or do you think I should jump while I have the chance???
  6. Well this bag is seasonal...if its popular then you should get it now because you won't find it later...I don't recommend that you buy on eBay either, there are so many Gucci fakes there!
  7. If you absolutely love it, then get it now. Better safe than sorry!
  8. with all the LV i've been buying I have no choice but to hope that someday I can get it for under retail!!!!!!!!! I do love it but it is expensive!!!!:sad: