All The Hermes Ladies

  1. I want to take this time to thank you all for being so kind, helpful, and thoughtful to me and to everyone else on our subforum.

    I want to shout out to so many of you for all I have learned from you and your extensive advice. I really have enjoyed all your stories, purchases, and daily chat. Please keep it coming because it makes a difference in my day!:yes:

    I realize this is probably an illegal post here, but I am doing it anyway.

    Thank you for keeping a smile on my face and for being a friend to me.:tender: :flowers:
  2. :heart: That is a really sweet post, KB. You've contributed a lot yourself with your wisdom and careful thought.

    I turned on some waterworks last night and after reading your post you make me want to do it again. :lol:

    I'm such a sap sometimes! :nuts:
  3. what a fab post and soooo true. i never thought that i could be a member of an online community but you ladies are sooo fantstic and i even made friends (yes me who always thought that only nerds and spooky people are in forums)
    so thanks to all of you that oyu are one heck of a fab bunch of ladies :flowers:
  4. That's so sweet! KB, you always have a kind word for everyone and are so wise. :smile:

    All of the ladies here are fabulous!
  5. This is a really sweet and kind post, KB. Not surprising since you are always so positive and nice in all your dealings!:heart:

    I'm just starting to get over my self-consciousness and post more and if I do, it's only due to the helpfulness and contagious fun spirit of everyone here.
  6. Wow, I didn't think I would ever be so involved in an online forum! This is the only forum that has made me laugh out loud, moved me to tears, and given me an opportunity to meet other wonderful people around the world!

    It's all you wonderful ladies that makes this a great place to hang out and share... :heart: :tender:
  7. Agreed - wonderful post and a wonderful group of people here on this forum! :flowers: Thanks to all the kind and thoughtful contributers!

    Funny, I used to think forums were all full of "spooky" people too! :P
  8. Kellybag, what a great post!

    I am so glad to have found this forum and all the lovely ladies here who understand my love of purses.

    Here's a toast to the wonderful ladies of the forum!!!:drinkup:
  9. right back at ya, Kellybag, and all of my Hermes ladies! I, too, enjoy visitng this sub forum every day!
  10. What the lady said :love: :flowers:
  11. [​IMG] to my Hermes girls!
  12. Aaaaww KB!! This is such a happy place to be! I love it here and spend way too much time but I "need" this lol! It's a great place for us purse girls!
  13. What a sweet post! I LOVE the PF!!!! And the PF is ALL of us!!!! So, hat's off to everyone at the PF!!!!!
  14. Sorry to copy you TG, but this is EXACTLY the way I feel!!!:heart: And as Lilach says, until I found this PF, I also thought that Forums were only for weird people!;)
  15. Duna, I am happy to hear that you share the same feelings!:yes: