All the creativity in here recently.. i did it too...

  1. I was bored yesterday and made a framed picture. I was originally just going to mat with legacy lining but once I got going, it went in a new direction... It's kinda amateur but I still think it's cute ;) It was my first crack at it. I have the supplies to try and make a better one or two, so i'll post when I get those done. The photo is a printout from Coach's website.
  2. You can't go wrong with Legacy stripes...

    I wish I'd start tuning in to my creative side instead of trying to buy it get more satisfaction!

    Well done:tup:
  3. Thanks!

    Since my honey won't share the office with me (he is down in the dungeon where his workshop is) I figured it would be nice to put up some kind of deco. Since it is MY office (tee hee) I thought, why not make it MY style? I probably won't hang this one because the paint isn't perfectly straight, but it's somewhere to start anyways.
  4. LOVE! I have no visual art creativity, can't draw, can't paint....:sad:

  5. I'd hang's an original and it has character:yes:
  6. Oh you guys! I am sooooo jealous of all of the great goodies you are making! Dang I need to get ahold of a legacy shopping bag......OY!
  7. I agree, hang it. :tup:
  8. LOL

    I actually just took a legacy catalog with me to Michael's and matched the paint, then painted the mat with a brush to match the colors. I went over the stripes with gold paint to put the "Coach est. 1941"

    I got the frame for $1 at target on clearance, so the total for all the materials to make just the 1 frame was like 6.00, plus I have enough paint leftover to make a dozen more. :smile:
  9. ok... now i am starting to think about hanging it and i think i know right where i will... LOL thanks for the encouragement girls!!

  10. Sheesh! you sure are a creative little thing.......super job!
  11. That is so cute! I wish I was creative! *runs off to think of idea*
  12. rethreads, I love that! I would absolutely display it!! If it were mine I'd bring it to work and hang it in my office!!!
    Geez I wish I had 1 ounce of the creativity that some of TPF'rs have!!!