All the coin purses available in Bal/Milan

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  1. Ok, so this is the stock:
    RH: BG,EB, ivory, black, white, SS08magenta, sky blue, vert thyme, anthracite, ink, vermillon, and this winter red (can't remember the name)
    SGH: Sky blue, EB, magenta, red (think this summer dark one), purple, black, white, this winter green, and a blue which code was "4011" :shrugs:
    GGH: Black, Dark brown, brown, vert thyme, sahara, ivory, BG

    Hope this helps!
  2. do they ship international? thanks
  3. Yes they ship everywhere, you can pay via AMEX or bank transfer, call them and they send you the form to fill!
    The number is:


  4. ack omg anthracite?!
  5. Thanks a bunch for letting us in on the info!!!

  6. Yes, they still have it. Here in Italy Bal is not well known, there are no waiting lists for anything...and nothing goes sold out immediately!
  7. Thanks for the post! What are the prices in Bal Milan?
  8. Uhm well...I'm such an idiot 'cause I forgot to ask, but almost everywhere in Europe we have the same prices, so refer to Bal Paris prices (moreless...)
  9. Ack!! Too bad the exchange rate for the US dollar is in the tiolet or I would be all over a few of those!
  10. ^ I'm with you MrsShoeGal! Good selection but the not a good price.
  11. You're both right, it's not convenient from $ to €, but just wait some time and see if it becomes opportune to get them or not...
    If you'd ever be interested in some specific wallet/bags (HG), I can go there and check them out...but the shop opened last year, so they have only this and past season bags&acc..!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing vida!
    I should go and have a look... or no, better if I don't :nogood:
    But thank you!
    Comprato niente? ;)
  13. thanks for posting this..i would love that EB coin purse however it's better if i try and call around elsewhere around the US. thanks though!
  14. Niente...:crybaby:no money, no bal!
    I went to check them out for a couple of girls of the forum...and to see what's new...ihih
  15. Thanks Vida, How much is it there?