all the Cognacs on ebay now

  1. Hey girls..

    just wondering what you think of all the lower priced cognacs (used ones) that are popping up on eBay lately.

    i remember seeing one going only for 895...

    why do you think this is so???

    i have 2 spies myself.. none cognac.. so a little tempted to buy one... but i'm sceptical... :rolleyes:
  2. waterfalls,
    not sure which ones you're talking about. The only one I see right now going for around $800-$900 is a fake. There are some used cognacs, but they are going for $1800.
  3. there was one.. i think it's not there anymore.. seller claimed to be a NM sales associate who used the 30% on 30% discount or sth like that and bought the spy bag for 895 and she was selling it at that starting price...

    there's also one that has a bid on it for $1500...

    i have a taupe spy so I don't think i'll get a cognac for myself but my mum wants one.. hehe.... thought of getting her a pre-loved one to "throw around".... but so worried about catching a fake.. see.. both the bags i have are the coated calfskin ones.. so don't know what the nappa ones look like..
  4. I emailed that "NM SA" for more pictures & she never emailed me back.. I think something was up with that...
  5. really.. maybe she decided to keep the bag. hehe...

  6. Well, I just checked & the auction is still running. Her pics are strange. When you click on them, they won't enlarge. Makes me think she cut & pasted them from someones elses listing..:hrmm:
  7. I saw that SA's auction and I did some math. Even with 30% off over 30%, it adds up to just around $1390 as retail for a cognac spy. Is that even possible? I think not. I don't believe it at all.

    I watched the auction and it eventually sold at $1075.
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