All the bags I've loved before.....

  1. ....the bags that have come in, then out, my door......this is dedicated to all the bags I've owned, loved, then sold for various reasons....feel free to post your own "memorial"....

    (1) 2004 Black mini classique:

    (2) 2005 caramel day:

    (3) 2006 rouge vif box:

    (4) 2006 black toilet case:

    (5) 2006 black purse:

    (6-7-8) 2005 caramel purse, 2005 olive mini twiggy, 2005 navy coin purse:

    (9) 2006 truffle twiggy:

    (10) 2005 bordeaux purse:

    To be continued......
  2. (11-12-13) 2004 khaki first, 2004 eggplant first, 2006 ink first:

    (14-15) 2006 ink twiggy, 2005 caramel box:

    (16) 2007 vert gazon coin purse:

    GEEEEEE....only 16 bags? Seems like there were more....
  3. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  4. This is a cute thread! Here are the 3 I have sold so far.


  5. You dare sold this:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: ....
  6. I KNOW, I KNOW! I was insane at the time but needed money to buy my Aqua City! It was a brand new Blueberry and I'm on the hunt again for this color!
  7. I've meant to do this for a while remind myself how insane I've been with buying and selling. Right now I have a black day and a blueberry first should arrive tomorrow. Then I will be DONE for a while, I swear!
  8. I like to think of this as Green Behavior: 'recycling' hangbags is environmently correct, right?!?! :angel:

    I haven't sold a bbag (yet) :sweatdrop: But have re-homed many Chloes to fund the Balenciaga habit.
  9. ^^I didn't even mention all of the LV's I've bought and sold...and also a brand new first edition whiskey paddy.....I've sold some amazing bags. Someone should kick my ass!
  10. Ooooh... wish I could post mine, but I have strict policy of deleting all pics of bags I sell. Eases the pain a bit if I don't have to look at them again! :rolleyes:
  11. Lori, you just made me :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: !!!
  12. Wow, LoriB and MRG, I really wish I had been the luck receipient of your "discards". :drool: MRG, the blueberry clutch has wonderful looking leather. LoriB, I would have loved to have a chance at the eggplant first!
  13. that eggplant first was so buttery soft, it was downright floppy! I mean, so floppy that it was hard to photograph because it wouldn't hold it's shape.
  14. My blueberry clutch went to fellow pfer - Cheshire Cat!
  15. Why why why do you sell your bags???? I understand if the bags you sold are outdated or some other brand, but bbags?