All that was missing was a sword. . . . .

  1. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my black city bag from BalNY. This morning around 9:00 my doorbell rings. Still asleep, I pop up and make a mad dash out of the bedroom. Unfortunately, I didn't put my glasses on and ran right into the bedroom door. :cursing: Ouch! No pain, no gain, right? Then I continue down the hallway only to trip over a cat toy. At this point, all I can think is, "Please don't let the UPS guy leave!" I make it to the door and open it. The UPS man is looking down at his electronic gadget and mutters "Good morning" to me. I return the greeting and he looks up to have me sign for the package and goes, "HA!! I guess it IS still morning for YOU!". I suddenly realize I have bed hair, and when I say bed hair, I mean a super high ponytail resembling samurai hair. The fact that I'm Japanese and wearing all black only added to my ninja/warrior/crazy purse girl look. Then, I signed his thumb instead of the gadget, because I'm still without my contacts or glasses. Despite all this early morning humiliation, I couldn't be more pleased with my bag. Not to mention, the balenciaga box it was sent in is so nice. I'm such a sucker for packaging and literally took a few seconds just touching the box. I know my bag isn't quite as exciting as some of the newer styles and colors, but I just love it. I, also, want to THANK everyone who helped me with their thoughtful and considerate advice. I added the samurai photo just for you! Here she is. . . . . . .
    newresize3.jpg newresize1.jpg newresize2.jpg
  2. Haha, cute.

    Love that smile on your face too.

    (Congrats on the bbag!)
  3. love your black city!!!! congrats
  4. ooh, i love black, congrats!!
  5. aww congratulations. cute story :smile:
  6. so gorgeous!! congrats!!
  7. What a great story! LOL!!! You're adorable as a samurai and I LOVE your new City!!! Congrats! :heart:
  8. aww yay! Glad you ended up okay and uninjured...your story was so cute, congrats on the bag!
  9. LOL! I loved your description -- too funny! I am the same way in the morning (minus your beautiful, thick hair....think treasure Troll!) and without my glasses I am apt to stumble on anything. Love your black city, congrats!!!! What a perfect and classic bbag.
  10. Nice story, gorgey bag!
  11. You make one hot samurai and the B-Bag works perfectly for the look! It looks amazing on you!
    I can't stop giggling at the image of you signing the driver's thumb.
  12. what a funny story. anyway, all is well and congrats on your new bag!
  13. That leather looks amazing! :love: congratulations on an amazing black city! and you look super cute modeling, that gleeful smile saying "yayyyy balenciaga!"
  14. congrats! enjoy your new city.
  15. Congrats! What a funny story! I know I need my glasses in the morning, but I guess I am still in denial and don't wear mine .
    I love your bag!