All talk and no action...

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  1. ...that's me! Just took Molly out for a walk and we saw a man walking his dog on the other side of the road. Both dogs started pulling towards each other, so I asked him if his was friendly. He said he didn't know - it wasn't his dog. So, I didn't cross over - the dogs barked a bit more, I said goodnight and we moved on. All of a sudden, I hear him smacking the dog :cursing: I turned around, but they had started walking again.

    Did I say anything??? NO. I froze with anger and did nothing. I'm so mad at myself.
  2. Don't beat yourself up. First, you were shocked, second, you don't know this guy and for all you know he would smack you for saying anything! It is heartbreaking to hear that he was slapping or hitting the dog.
    By the way, good thinking not crossing the street. Don't know if you saw me thread on my doxies getting attacked while they were on their walk but you never know, if you don't know the dog or the owner best to pass on.
  3. It's really unfortunate how many people are caring for animals but haven't the slightest clue. Just like the guy that walks his dog (previously his daughter's dog) in my neighborhood that questioned if he needed to get his dog neutered.:cursing:
  4. ^I find that people who ask questions like this are begging to be educated... and if you can change just one person's mind, its better than the alternative. ;)
  5. Oh, he admits he doesn't have the first clue about dogs. It's just the fact that he has asked me a few times about it all ready.