All-Star Amazing Race starting feb 23

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  1. Who'll be watching? There's the annoying cousins from last season. Then there's that girl that wouldn't shave her head and seemed to be always crying. Too much whining for me. I always loved the cowboys. Then I think globetrotters are back. I actually saw one of them play when they were in town. That was cool to see. Don't forget the Luke who's deaf. Amazing what he can accomplish in terms of communicating. And then the twin sisters. Who can forget them? I don't know which is worse, them or the cousins. Nice to see the father and son back. The dad had the Achilles injury. I liked them too. I think I'm forgetting some other teams, but I'll remember once I start watching the race.

    So who are you rooting for?
  2. I'm excited for it! I really like Luke, and I also like the dad and son team. The globetrotters were also one of my favorites, so I'll be happy with any of those :smile:
  3. I will be rooting for the best friends from Kentucky, the Globetrotters and, mostly... the cowboys!
  4. ^yes, the best buddies from Kentucky, the Globetrotters and the cowboys--I liked them a lot. The annoying cousins and annoying twin sisters I could do without. They both cross the line on playing unfairly, IMO. TAR is one of my favorite shows, so I'll be watching every week.
  5. There are a few teams I like so I'm excited!
  6. Really looking forward to tonight. I hate that they are repeating the gimmick they did a few seasons ago where one team doesn't even make it to the first leg. I hated it then and I'll hate it tonight unless the team itself does something really stupid to cause them to stay home.
  7. Really? Didn't know they were doing that again. That just sucks. Doesn't give any teams a chance.
  8. ^In the voice promos, they say something about one team not even making it to the first leg, so I assumed that's what will happen.
  9. No spoilers but seeing the start of the race I misunderstood the promos. They didn't change the game to prevent any team from going on the first leg of the race. Apologies for assuming.
  10. I am SO happy with the eliminated team! :yahoo: I never liked that team.

    The situation at the beginning made me sad.
  11. So glad they are gone as well.

    Next lets get rid of Rachel and Brendon
  12. Yay for the twins being gone! The arguing back and forth was driving me crazy. Glad the cowboys got the express passes.

    Agree about the beginning. I was so sad they couldn't go as team Kentucky, but you don't want pancreas problems in some of the remote places the show goes to.
  13. I'm so glad I don't have to listen to anymore "you can do it twinnie" shrieking. urrgh. Also sad about Bopper, hope he gets the medical care he needs.
  14. Omg!! Those twins were too annoying. Glad they were the first to go. Don't think I could have handle their excessive arguing, bickering and "you can do it twinnie" shouting. Sorry about the Kentucky buddies' partner. I had liked them too. I remember his new partner and I had liked her too. She ran with her dad, right? Good for the cowboys getting the express pass.
  15. Honestly Team Kentucky was the only team I was looking forward to seeing comeback. Its a shame the Chippendale team didn't return as well since they were pretty hilarious.

    I've watched The Amazing Race for a pretty long time and I don't remember Mallory at all (had to look her up). I don't know if it was because she appeared during the seasons I didn't bother watching or maybe she and her dad weren't memorable. I don't know if it's normal for teams that have been on the Race two previous times to be invited back for the All Star race but I feel like there are a lot more familiar faces than in past season.

    Did anyone see the previews for the next episode (in Canada they air right after the show)? I really hope Mallory and Mark don't get eliminated because of what happened in the next leg.