All sold out...when will they be in store again? T_T

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  1. I went to LV on Michigan Ave. and Saks to see if I could buy an Azur speedy 30, but they all sold out. I have to wait until 2007....oh....I worry I will spend those money before 2007 comes. When can I get my first LV :confused1: I want it now so badly.
  2. Wow. 07 is right around the corner. Don't spend the money, lock it up... save it for the azur.... Speedy Azur 30 is worth the wait....
  3. try elux.
  4. When I was in NYC during Thanksgiving, the LV on 5th. Ave. had several of the Azure 30. Hubby bought me one. Here is the # if you want to call (212)758-8877. I hope that you find one.
  5. Since it is a permanent line, it should be back in stock in no time at all.
  6. I had to wait for mine in 25 but I should hear from them this weekend. I know most store sold out.It should get back in full stock in Jan 07 ..They still have some 25 and 30 in some stores and bunch of pochette..
  7. why don't you try calling 866-vuitton and see if they can find one for you?
  8. I just picked one up in SF at the LV store last Saturday. I got the Speedy 30 Azur. I called the LV toll free number and this really nice lady told me to just go to the store to see if they have any left. Make sure you put yourself on the waiting list.
  9. If I call them, they will ship it to LV in chicago or just ship to me?
    Do I need to pay shipping fee? Sorry, I don't have any experience.

  10. Yes , you have to pay shipping fee, I think $20

    You should give them a call soon. Customer service told me they still have it and they can track it down as long as you are ready to order. Good luck, I hope you will get yours..
  11. All the stores are sold out???? So, they'll be back in stock until Jan. 07?!?!?!?? :Push: I was thinking of picking one up this wkend.:sad:

  12. Oh man! I think they are all sold out, because I went to the store in The Beverly Center, and they didn't have anything available. I want to get an Azur Speedy hopefully on Valentine's Day!

  13. Where are you in Cali?? SCP should have some ..give them a call before hand. Ask for Lisa or Dickies
    Mine are ready to be picked up over the weekend but I am still waiting for my inclusion bracelet. If it's here, I will pick them up :heart:
  14. Hey Bags! :smile:

    Ya, I go to SCP. Ya, I think I'll give 'em a call later. So you go to SCP also?? I wonder if they have the multicolore pastilles key chain thingy also...I'll have to ask about that.

    Btw, I was thinking about the Mini Lin Speedy...I know you have one....Are they "that" much baggier/saggier than the normal speedies???? I mean, would a magazine on the bottom they do for regular speedies?:shrugs:

    Thx Bags!!!:yes:
  15. No,

    I don't go to SCP cos I am in San diego. I go to Fashion Valley lin much saggier than any speedy I know but you can't tell in the store because they put this cardboard type of thing to stuff it.

    I don't mind my saggy speedy, it's much slouchier and flexible. I don't put anything on my speedy. I just put my wallet in vertical way inside the bag instead of horizontal way, somehow it helps to shape up the bag. I have this long chanel cambon wallet.

    good luck with the hunt..