All Silver CDC or TGM Boucle Sellier, Which one first?

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  1. My wishlist includes the all silver CDC and the TGM boucle sellier bracelets. However, I can't decide which one to get first. Is one harder to get than the other or more limited in production? I'm going to buy one now and the other within 6 months. Thanks:smile:
  2. They're both beautiful - if you're eventually going to get both, I would start with whichever one you can actually find now. You can't go wrong with either one. :tup:
  3. I do not wanna be rude, however if you are getting the TGM .........Does that mean you need a Large size in Silver CDC?............ If so, the silver CDC in large size will be harder to find (speaking from my own experience)...........

    So I would suggest you get the silver CDC first as they are harder to come by in that size...........But if you can wear other sizes (silver CDC), you can get either whenever you see them............... Hope , I am making sense...........