All Signature Coach Poppy Totes Are Fake!

  1. A HUGE thank you to member coach queen for pointing this out. I just talked to Coach's 1-888 number and they confirmed this as well. COACH HAS NEVER MADE A SIGNATURE POPPY GALLERY TOTE!!! It only came in white leather. Only accessories & demis came in the signature poppy style! So if you see a signature poppy gallery tote.. STAY AWAY!!

    The scary thing is that these signature gallery totes look SO real it's unbelievable. Talk about super fakes.. I totally thought these were authentic at first glance!!

    See for yourselves!!
    poppy1.jpg poppy2.jpg poppy3.jpg
  2. ^ they look so great to be fake! But thanks coachqueen & sparkles for posting. You could have saved one of us from this terrible fate.
  3. Wow - I would never have guessed that one's a fake! Thanks Sparkles and Coach Queen for pointing that out.
  4. Oh my!! Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  5. I did not know this at all :wtf: . This will really help some people out who may like this. Maybe you should also post this in the fakes thread. :yes:
  6. OMG! I could have sworn to have see those at Marshall feilds(now macy*s)....ive seen them all the, never would have thought
  7. ^LOL I know.. I could've sworn I saw them too! But I guess once we see the accessories we all automatically assumed there'd be a huge poppy tote tote too!

    And they have a version of this with pink leather trim too!! And it looks just as real! :wtf:
  8. That's where it was originally posted.. but I figured more people would see it if it were posted as a separate thread. Plus if people are googling for "signature poppy tote" this can pop up as one of the hits and hopefully save them from wasting a ton of money! :smile:
  9. I want to say I saw them before at Nordies but can't say for sure. I swore I saw them before! Wow!
  10. ^^ Wait, you know what? I had to re-read the first post. The bag I remember seeing was the demi and not the gallery tote. I have never seen the gallery tote in signature.
  11. Wow I didn't know that at all! Thanks for informing us!!
  12. there was a signature demi and a signature hobo from the poppy line, and the leather tote
  13. ^That's already been established. This thread was meant to point out that signature gallery tote was never made.
  14. I saw a version of this today...and a big neon sign went off in my head with FAKE FAKE FAKE. LOL
  15. Also if one hadn't know this, you could of checked on the coaches Drill down and realized that style number didn't exist. There is a tread on here somewhere where you guys are playing with it, I have seen it but I knew about it from another forum similar to this one, I have it saved in my favorites for a quick reference guide, if anyone wants the link just pm and I will pass it on.

    cute bag to be a fake (that sounds so weird saying):s