All shoes $100 at MJ collection

  1. My SA called from me from MJ SF, all shoes are $100. :yahoo:When I got there they didn't have any men's left :sad:, but my friend got 4 pairs of amazing shoes. Everyone should go check it out!!! hurry though, it was crazy there!!
  2. Wow!! - thanks for the heads up!
  3. That's incredible! Oh how I wish the bags were that inexpensive!! Congrats on your new shoes!
  4. boots too? or just shoes like flats and pumps?
  5. so tempting! do you remember which kinds of styles were left? ....i really shouldnt be spending tho.....
  6. will they ship? what do they have in stock?
  7. Is it MJ?or MBMJ? thanks =)

    may I know which store?the one at Union Square or Filmore St?
  8. It's the one in Union Sq. If you call them, look for Luke. He's super nice.
  9. why can't i live by a mj store?!?!?
  10. That is awesome!
    Congrats on getting some great shoes at a great price. Do you have any pics! At one point I really wanted the mouse flats
  11. thanks for letting us know.
  12. Robert! =P Thanks for the heads up, I wish I would've been online yesterday to see this! I :heart: Luke so, isn't he awesome! Almost as awesome as my favorite SA at Bloomies:graucho:!
  13. I'm really mad!!! I've been waiting for this sale and I'm traveling in asia now!!! :sad: