All Scarf Goddesses! Assistance with Today's Scarf Haul

  1. Okay, so I was at a local, twice a year antique show in Houston today and found these 2 scarves. One is Chasse en Inde, and I have no idea whether it's the 1986 or the reissue.

    The yellow one is Les Nouvelle Voitures Publiques de Paris. This one is clearly old and well-loved, although there are no runs or pulls in the fabric. I can't find any record of it anywhere. In the company of this forum, I'm at best a scarf dilettante. Any scarf goddesses with divine knowledge out there?

    Also: At this same show, there was an English antique jewelry dealer with a set of 3 matching Hermes gold brooches, very ornately detailed as realistic feathers. Any Houston H babes who are interested in antique/vintage H jewelry can PM me and I'd be delighted to tell you how to find the dealer.

    I took a pic of the detail on the Les Nouvelles Voitures scarf. It's the second pic. I was interested because it seems to be the exact same button detail that closes the Dogon.
    voitures overall.jpg voitures detail 1.jpg voitures detail 2.jpg chasse.jpg chasse detail 2.jpg
  2. Very pretty scarves!
  3. Very pretty!
  4. gga, Chasse was done in 1986, 1999 & 2002. I think your colourway is a 1986. Problem is, I have the colours written down, but not visual (if you know what I mean)....

    Les Nouvelle, I have no idea! It's not listed anywhere I try and look it up! Wow! Can't wait to hear what we find out!
  5. Love "Chasse en Inde". I think I am fan of highly detailed scarves. I have never seen the other one either. However I am sure the experts like hermesgroupie will be able to tell you more.
  6. Got It! 1961!
  7. OK, I have it as LES VOITURES NOUVELLES by Jacques Eudel, COOL!!!!!!!
  8. Cool!

    I don't know what to think about this scarf. The dealer sells very high end antique and vintage couture gowns. He gave me the provenance on this one. I don't THINK it's a counterfeit, but scarves aren't my expertise, really. If it was silver, now, we could talk. Scarves...not so much. I'm rabidly curious about it.
  9. Ack! You found it already! GF, you are now next to tods123, DQ, and HG in my goddess pantheon. I'll have to make sacrifices later. I'm too busy petting my scarf.

    Did you find any pics, by any chance?
  10. GGA great find!! they are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. no may be the only person to own it - LOL....just kidding, but it IS an oldie! Is the silk lovely and fine? I'm told the silk was much finer back then.

    Wow. That scarf is older than my DH!! LMAO!
  12. OK...just looking for more info, because I think I may have the wrong design....hang on........
  13. I just found the name, verbatim, in a couple of forum messages. I can't find an image anywhere. I love mysteries, but I hate fakes, so I'm going to work to the bottom of this!
  14. Oh, the India design is just gorgeous, GGA!! I have no knowledge to add - I just wanted to add a little :drool:
  15. Thank you MsT! You're such a dear.

    BTW GF, the silk is that fine, soft silk, very limp, not like the stuff from the 80s on. It's even finer and limper than my Mosaique, which is from the 50s.

    I just found a pic of the Eudel. It's not the same one.

    The dealer bought it from a woman who said it was the first scarf produced by Hermes following WWII. I don't know if that's a real possibility or not. I DO know that with antiques, you just have to cast a jaundiced eye at the cute little stories that spring up around people's beloved items.

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: