All Saints!!

  1. Hey, those of you who are in London and know this brand: All Saints, what are your views on their stuff? Are their products of good quality? I saw a nice men's leahter bag with suede, and the shape of it reminds me of Victoria Beckham's Roberto Cavalli Mink Leopard Bag- except that it's much bigger and is for men. What do you think of the quality and the prices of this store? I kinda like this store cos loads of their stuff are quite funky and quite gorgeous, actually..

  2. I like All Saints and I think the quality is pretty good. I only have one item from there - the 'God Rocks' belt
  3. oops. it's the marc jacobs mink leopard satchel, sorry. but the all saints one is leather + suede and much bigger.
  4. it's one of those shops i love the idea of, but never actually find anything i want to buy there.. i've never heard any complaints about the quality though.
  5. Their quality is pretty good. I don't buy much from there, but my friends do and they don't complain about it
  6. I bought a sweater half off on sale at Harrods this summer...haven't had a chance to wear it (it's just starting to be colder in CA
    but it is adorable
  7. wow, i didnt know that harrods carry them it actually means that it's actually quite high end, right?
  8. high end, in the sense of high end in the high street sector. haha
  9. Yeh, I have a few items from there, love their stuff, and have never had any probs with their clothes!!
  10. hmm, i was just surfing the YSL site, and found these great bags for guys. so gorgeous! it's called odeon black denim soft suitcase. hehe. goodbye all saints! oh yeah, all saints are having a mid-season sale..though i didnt really find much stuff there