All Saints leather jacket on sale?

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  1. Does anyone know if All saints ever go on sale? Or more specifically, if their leather jackets ever go on sale? If yes then when?

  2. AllSaints' leather jackets definitely go on sale! Last August, I got a gorgeous brown one for a little under $150. For the fall/winter sale, they typically start the sales around November, and they last through late January. And for the spring/summer, they start the sale in late June, and it's over by mid-August.

    Hope I helped!
  3. I agree with Juliex3! I recently got an All Saints jacket (it is a wool peacoat that has leather sleeves) for 50% off! Thing is they sell out pretty quick online, if you can get into a store you'll more likely be able to find your size. If there isn't an All Saints brick and mortar store near you, they also lease spaces in some Bloomingdales.
  4. They definitely go on sale but sell out very quickly!!
  5. thanks for the tip I've been looking for a deal for ages on those!
  6. 20% off everything now on All saints website with code: TWENTY

    is it a good deal now to buy their leather jacket?