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Apr 12, 2009
Aww that's disappointing to hear if their quality is declining! I own an AllSaints handbag from last year and it's beautiful quality! From the leather to the stitching and zippers.

I'm really curious to see/feel the selections for the Nordies Anniversary Sale since the leather used do appear different from previous releases, based on the (stock) photos I've seen.

I'd say their (older) calf leathers were so buttery soft while keeping the bags lightweight. Their leather jackets and boots received so much praise from bloggers/vloggers so I'm sure their quality was better when they first started getting more recognizable as a brand.


Oct 27, 2006
I've owned a few of their recent hobos and was very happy with the quality of the leather. Only let them go because the bags were too slouchy for me. I was in an AllSaints retail store this weekend and the sales associate said the leather is the same as what Gucci uses. I am not so sure about that, but I do think the quality is quite good for the price point.
Aug 17, 2016
Update - I saw an Allsaints bag at nordstrom today that was GORGEOUS! This one was made of lamb leather and is super soft and seems like great quality, even the strap and chain. I felt the other bags and a lot of them are better than I remember (but not all so check them out in person but def better!) Here's the one I saw, it's called the Zep.


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Oct 6, 2017
Hi--longtime lurker, but really wanted to share my experience with their bags.
I bought one of the paradise bags and the shoulder strap started splitting down the seam about 4 months after i got it. When I took it into the All Saints store to ask for recs for repair, the store manager immediately brought out a new one & swapped out my bag right then & there. I was pretty disappointed with the quality originally, but their customer service more than makes up for it! I've had this new one since April & no problems since--I do find that I have to condition it more frequently than other bags though.


Jul 5, 2009
^^^So nice to hear a good customer service story and a brand standing behind their merchandise. I purchased an All Saints hobo earlier this year and am impressed with the quality. This bag has given me pause. I mean I love Chanel but do I really love it to the tune of upwards of $2500 and more. Now I am still a sucker for premium designer bags but it gives me satisfaction to know that I didn't just buy the bag for the sake of the brand.
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Jul 16, 2007
So…I bought that Allsaints lamb bag :biggrin: It's amazing!!! Incredibly soft. A great dupe for the Celine Trio. It comes with a reversible thick strap and also a more delicate formal chain strap! So versatile :loveeyes:

Oh yes, I saw this over the weekend and I'm obsessed. I thought it was grey in the store, but see online that it's a khaki green. Didn't get it because my SA wasn't there but I'll be back today. The leather is divine! I'm so glad you love yours.