All right ladies and gentlemen.....

  1. I know that everyone is sick of hearing about the miroir collection but...... I got a gold speedy but I still want something in silver. Maybe an Alma GM or Speedy. Have any of my fellow PFs seen them anywhere?????
  2. I'm pretty sure Michelle said they had an Alma GM at the Valley Fair store..otherwise, Speedys are completely sold out unless someone ends up returning one.
  3. I'm sure you can call the 866 number and they can locate one for you.
  4. I think the speedys are all sold out, but you might have luck with the Alma.
  5. I called Valley Fair store Friday and they didn't have anything left !
  6. eBay!!!866 will just tell you its sold out. See my previous mirior can't be sold out thread.
  7. I read an earlier post and someone said that the Beverly Center store had an Alma. I don't know which color though.
  8. Let-trade has a silver pap 26 for $1700 shipped.