All right, I am so done.

  1. :ninja:

  2. Looks like an eBay purchase, whadyaget?
  3. What have you got in there missy? I don't believe we can ever be done!:p
  4. 'OPen... OPen... OPen...'

    (Like back when they had that departmet store commercial w/ the lady first at the door, in the early morning, waiting for the store to unlock its doors...)
  5. :devil: Muahahaha.

  6. Lovin the suspense....
  7. ^^I hate it.
  8. Whatever could it be!
  9. LOL Kamilla! :lol:



  10. Such a tease!
  11. You did it! I remember that poll, so you must be done "temporarily."
  12. Puuuuuuuuuuuuurty!
    They look lovely on you!
  13. OH NO YOU didnt!!!!!!!! You got ANOTHER Python!?! thewy are beautiful!!! congrats, i love them, thye look gorgeous on you
  14. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! omg, you did it! you bought them! now we're twins.. :graucho:

    PS: did you get them in size 37? i saw them going for $700 on eBay... ack!
  15. No, I'm a 40.5 :p

    Thank you! :heart:

    Yes, I really am done. Nothing is striking my fancy lately. I'll wait for the summer sales. I think I have enough new purchases to go around :p