All present and correct, my paddy family!

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  1. complete, for now lol, choco is moving on soon so i'll simply have to find a muscade to replace her!:graucho:
  2. Is that a mousse on the bottom left?
  3. Yep, mousse, jaune, bleu nuit and chocolate
  4. Gorgeous - ALL of them! You've done well!
  5. Lovely.
  6. Gorgeous collection :yes:
  7. LOve those colors, great collection!!!
  8. Thank you everyone:heart:
    i'm slowly catching you all up!
  9. Purty!! I love the mousse so much
  10. What a wonderful collection!!! But how can you let choco go? It's my favorite! But I admit muscade is a gorgeous color, just make shure that you see it IRL since i've seen gorgeous ones and others with not so nice leather.

    I still drool over mousse, just such an amazing color!
  11. Seriously droolworthy! GORGEOUS!
  12. very nice pieces!!
  13. Awww von, why on earth is your Choco leaving the family?
  14. Gorgeous collection! I agree with Catcat - Choco is my fav :heart::heart:
  15. because i bought her as pre loved and then never used her, i'm really not sure why as i do like the colour, i think i just prefer the unusual colours, i use the bleu nuit more than anything. I'm trying to give all my girls equal time out of the wardrobe now!