All Prescriptives cosmetics/skincare 30% off

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  1. Don't know if there are any Prescriptives fans on the forum, but I went to a Prescriptive counter in Macy's today to find everything marked 30% off. According to the sales person, Prescriptive counters are being phased out in all department stores (macy's, dillards, etc). Some of the items were sold out already, but it might still be worth a visit if you use Prescriptives cosmetics/skincare.

    I got an eyeshadow for $9 and a blush for $12 to try out the brand. The quality seems pretty decent. :smile:
  2. I love Prescriptives! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Ohh I wonder if they hae brushes! I have a thing for brushes lol
  4. thanks
  5. Thanks for the heads up! Will head down tomorrow!
  6. Wow.. Thanks!
  7. does this apply to Canadian stores too?
  8. The line is being phased out in general so they might have stuff for sale online too and what is left willmost likely end up at cosmetics Company Outlet stores
  9. I was at Cosmetic Company Store today and Prescriptives is an additional 20% off.
  10. i was there, not much color left, been going on for a few weeks now
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