All possible LV keyholder I can think of!

  1. I'm not sure how to "title" the thread, but Here's the picture of all the key holder I'm planning to pick from. I would love to hear you guy's opinion. I'll be heading to the boutique this weekend.My preferences : something go with black (since my car is "totally" black), easy to care for & convenience. :tup: Thanks!

  2. MC black keyholder
  3. The MC Black one! :biggrin:
  4. I love the Vernis ones, in any of the colors.

    (Why are there Guccis in there?? :-P)
  5. LOL, you're so cute! those are great pieces to choose from...the ones that stuck to me was the gucci and the violette LV
  6. I had the guccissima one (2nd pic) in black it broke I had it replaced it broke again so I'd say cross off the gucci I now have the vernis and love it to pieces go for that any colour they are all hot (mine is pomme)
  7. My first choice would be the Vernis Violette,:love: followed my the MC Noir!:tup:
  8. any of the vernis ones in dark color (amarante or violette). perle would get too dirty quickly IMO
  9. I like the black MC !
  10. Black MC!
  11. I think the vernis 4 key holder in amarante would be a great choice:tup:
  12. I like the Mono Multicles Rabat the best!!
  13. black mc
  14. Damier or Amarante!! Amarante is prettier, but Damier will be much more durable and can take a beating!
  15. I would get any Vernis or the black MC