All pink Balenciaga

  1. Which pink Balenciaga come with gold hardware? Where can I see pics?
  2. Unfortunately there is no Pink color with GH. :sad:
  3. Unless you get the limited edition Magenta with the gold GH...

    Not sure if they are still available for order though?
  4. Sorry to burst your bubbles:sad: , but No Pink to be seen this fall.
    Except for, like fashion-cult pointed out, limited Magenta City.

    If you don't mind RH, you can always turn to eBay for past season pink bags though.
  5. yah....i don't come across PINK in Gold's the regular brass HW.....if not, try ur luck on eBay if u are lookin for older bbags.......:smile:
  6. Oh I think I was wrong. I mean looks like gold or?

    Which comes with brass hardware? Can you show me some examples of pink one? There are different pink colours or?

    Lots of greetings