All ogio bags $19.95 at

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  2. ^Thanks for posting this! Great price...but did you notice that their prices online are higher than the advertised $19.95? I emailed them to inquire if a code was necessary to get the sale price. Then again...maybe it's just me and I'm not looking in the right place! Here's the link to the Ogio bags...
  3. Here is the link as I was emailed it.....but BAGS, you are does not show the sale $19.95 price, even when I add it to my shopping cart. There was not a separate code to enter, this is the way the email looked with the 'click here' button. HMMMMM.....hopefully your email will be answered or CS will update the site!

  4. :confused1::shrugs: Whew...for a minute, I thought I was having a 'senior moment'! LOLOL!! When I received the mailer, I looked it over with a fine-toothed comb without being able to figure it out, so I immediately emailed them. I don't know much about their CS...hopefully they will respond in a timely manner. DH was standing over my shoulder earlier this morning and spotted your avatar. He loves your doggie...of course, so do I! How much does he/she weigh?
  5. fast is this? I'm impressed!!

  6. Wow that is a fast, wonderful response! Great CS is always :heart:ed!

    Thanks for the compliment on my 'sweetie'.....she is a wonderful companion! She weighs around 120. Just a big girl and very full through the chest/shoulders.