All of you agenda lovers..

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  1. .. where did you find a pen to go in the little pen slot?? The LV pen was like $200, umm, no thanks! I have been looking but can't find one small enough..

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. i've had the same problem......i refuse to pay $200 plus for a dinky little pen

    and swedie i guess this means ur keeping ur agenda? :weird:
  3. i haven't found one, i just took the tab on my regular pen and slipped it into the far and of the top CC slot.
  4. I heard Tiffany's has a small pen. I actually used a bowling pen for awhile. I don't have my agenda anymore...
  5. YES, YES and YES! :lol:

    I updated my thread, it's okay to be selfish once like this, I learned my lesson :shame: Now I'm going to lay off the guilt trip and just enjoy this beauty :love:
  6. Oh that works, thanks Amanda ;)
  7. I bet the Tiffany pen will be a small fortune as well though.. Hmm, what's a bowling pen?
  8. I had the same problem searching for a pen that would fit. End up giving in and purchasing the LV agenda ballpoint pen in palladium pm size. The pen cost $120 usd and is available in gold and palladium. They carry the refills for this pen also, they cost $5 usd. This pen is actually short enough to be use for the mini ring agenda as well. I use mine in the small ring agenda. Price is much more reasonable then some of their other pens. By the way, they also have this same size in the pencil with refills available. The product # for the palladium pm ball point pen is N75005. Also, they are available in two ink colors; black or blue.
  9. Ha ha! Sorry - it was one of those little tiny pens they have for free at the bowling alleys. It was tiny (and all white) and worked perfectly.:lol:
  10. if they have refills that's a whole different story.....i dont' mind spending over $200 on a pen as long as i can get a refill for it......and i hear that LV pencil u mentioned calling my name :nuts:
  11. I bought a really cute pencil here that is the perfect size for about 3 has a silver case and you can use refills in it..if anyones interested I'll post a pic later.
  12. I'm interested :biggrin:
  13. 124_2421.JPG

    I'm sorry the pic with it inside is kind of blurry..the flash kept pinging off of the silver but youcan see the size of it when it is on top of the planner ..I hope this helps..its a really nice size and not so small that it's hard to write with..let me know..if you'd like me to send you one:biggrin:
  14. is that pink epi i see?????
  15. it's red..the flash I think makes it look pinkish!! I wish it was epi would be really cute!!