ALL of the Spring dresses are KILLING me!!

  1. [​IMG] Yet ANOTHER dress Im just in love with!!! pic from NM (its in my shopping cart!!)
  2. That's pretty!! Have you seen any of Anthropologie's new dresses on their gorgeous, its killing me!
    Voila! Anthropologie -

    I love the destination dress and the drowsy babydoll the best. We're not even talking about their printed tops... lol *sigh*
  3. Whoa ! you might wanna throw in an extra one for me !! :nuts: Its gorgeous.
  4. I love Anthroplogy!! You are right...there tops are HOT right now...I bought a few right after Xmas that I LOVE!! The new stuff is so CUTE!! I wish I could hold off until the end of the summer sales!! BUT NO!!!! I have to get stuff right when it comes out!! Since I wear summer things all year round I LOVE it when the winter stuff disappears!!
  5. Sunshine: we have the same coloring (from your old avatar) and those colors are my favorites. I think it looks nice.
  6. Anthroplogie dresses are to die for on a summer's day!! :love: So cute, so cute.
  7. Beautiful- looks very sweet.
  8. oh my gosh, i died over anthropologie's last catalogue.....but sunshine, that's a very pretty dress also :yes:
  9. ahhh I know! I have that same problem. Except now I reallly have to save some money and I just got their little catalogue in the mail and its torture! Sometimes they are hit and miss, but right now they are HIT lol!
    You'll definitely have to show us some of the new dresses (from anywhere) when you get them! :heart:

  10. I love this dress. I was going to buy it yesterday only to realize they don't have it in my size. I hope you get it!
  11. ITA!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  12. I wish we had something like anthropologie in the uk or I wish they shipped to the uk:sad:
  13. I can't wait for warmer weather to start wearing dresses!
  14. I love that dress...but white..on me is a big no!!! Thin girls only!!