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  1. I'm thinking of the Muse II in the navy/pink combo. But I want it in the medium size. I called the Woodbury and Cabazon outlets and they have it in the Large size. Has anyone seen the medium anywhere? :shrugs:
  2. I just read in thread they had it at the Bal Harbour store, don't remember how recent the post was but I think it was only a few days old, its worth a shot!
  3. Check the YSL Deals and Steals thread....there have been several 'sightings'.....also the NM Last Call thread in the Deals and Steals thread may have a sighting.....I saw one at our NM here in ATL but all merchandise has been shipped to the 'cold stores'.
  4. they have one left at Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms (i forget which) at short hills mall in nj. it was marked down to 1100ish and the SA told me it will be an extra 50% off on wednesday. =)