All of a Sudden I am so in love with.....

  1. Coach Shoes!!!!!!!!
    I love love love my Jilly flats and I'm about to order all of these!! ahh I'm so in trouble lol...


    in white

    in gold

  2. They are all sooo cute!! I wish I could wear flats.
  3. Ban???What ban??:confused1:
  4. I like all except the sandal ones with the flower. the rest are cute !
  5. hahaha I found a clause in that ban.... I said no more Handbags...
    so shoes are okay!!!!

    I'm bad lol
  6. Too funny!:roflmfao:
  7. Candac3mari3....I swear this must be the Year Of Great Coach Shoes because I must get my hands on these Gracy sandals and my darling daughter has made it clear that these Margos are something she needs hehe
    coach shoes!!!.jpg gracyQ285_d1.jpg
  8. Now I can totally feel those wedges!!:yes:
  9. I love the sandals with the flower too! If I lived in Florida I'd be all over those...but alas, today is was -5 degrees and I wore my furry Coach boots.
  10. I'm getting the gold sandals. They are tdf.
  11. Those are so cute!!!
  12. totally love the flats, I was actually looking at those last night. I like the thong sandals too... very cute :smile:

  13. I am also a huge fan of Coach shoes. I bought some ballet flats and some loafers and they are the most comfy shoes I own! Way to go!
  14. Norstroms has the cutest pair of Jilly flats now, they're patent orange!!
  15. I love COACH shoes as well!!! I have some Katelyns in Black/White, and I LOVE THEM! Does anyone know if the other types are as comfortable? I'm esp. wondering about the the sandals and the wedges...