All new YSL Tribute knockoffs

  1. Looks like this Spring we'll be seeing YSL Tribute knock-offs. I do love this style.


    Nine West
  2. Wow, so close! Makes me even more happy I got the real thing.
  3. I would die for a pair of the real Tributes (tall version), but they are so hard to find.

    So I ordered both pairs above, except the BCBG's I ordered in all black. I'm already planning my outfit for Valentine's dinner.
  4. Although I think the Tributes are extremely hot and I'm lusting after the original Mary Jane with the ivory heel :love: I'm not going to buy them. I'd rather purchase a pair of less expensive knockoffs instead. These fit the bill for me, I really like the BCBGirls pair! Shoeangel, where can you purchase them?
  5. Zappos. What color are you going to get. The BCBG comes in black, red, or ivory. I ordered the black.
  6. Thanks, shoeangel! If I buy them, I'm going with the black. I like how it's not patent leather. The red is pretty, but I would rather see red in suede like the original Tributes :love:
  7. I just received two pair of the Nine West version today (in yellow abobe and in all black). They both fit like a dream, but they yellow satin is cuter than the all black. I'm not sure if I am a fan of the satin though. I have to wait to receive the BCBG in all leather before I make up my mind.
  8. After giving on up on my search for the real deal, I bought a pair at the nine west outlet in black suede and they fit like a glove. The are sooo comfy and cute, it made me feel better that I didnt spend all that money on the YSL ones.
  9. I would love to hear how the BCBGirls pair fit. I've purchased pumps made by BCBGirls and they weren't too comfortable on... Can any share their experience on this style? I think the black will look awesome.
  10. I'm REALLY kicking myself for not getting the real deal when they were on sale at
  11. I didnt even know they were inspired from YSL. I buy BCBG all the time, I love they styles and they are fit my bill like Chistina said.
    BTw I've seen a lot of this style as well, different designers.
  12. These look much better than the Steve Madden knock-offs.
  13. the yellow ones look scary IMO...
  14. The BCBG one is soooo close to the real deal. Here is my YSL Tribute, and as you can see, they're quiet similar.