All nervous--going to Balny for first time today!!!


Jun 28, 2006
ladies I am all nervous but excited! My SO wants to buy me a nice Christmas gift and he loooves the marine city. I just spoke with Daphne and she says they do not have the small hardware marine cities in yet, but that there is a sale on some things, I can see the other colors, and put my name on a list. SO we are going down--I think that my SO wants to do business in person even if it is putting our name on a list. :smile:

I am so excited!This is a real dream come true for me!! :smile:)
Just wanted to post...I am usually so quiet!

Maybe I will end up with a differnt color city AND on the waiting list for the Marine, hehehe.!

I will! And I'll post pics if I actually get one today...

Daphne is really, really sweet isn't she?? :smile:)
I feel like we need to give her our business! A lot of SAs in NYC are really...not so nice. Daphne seems to be patient and wonderful.
Hi--We have STILL not gone. We better go soon, lol!!!

I guess there is some "winter special?" so non-moto bags and clothes and things? I didn't get a lot of details. I hope we are leaving soon, I'm about to unplug the phone so my SO gets off his conference calls. lol.

I want my gift!