All Natural?

  1. I am becoming fascinated with all natural products. I was using some OTC products to help my skin issues with the standard ingredients such as salycic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and all of the other misc. ingredients. My skin felt terrible.

    A while back a went to my spa and was getting facials. The girl gave me a product from the M'lis line. The facial wash has Aloe Vera and some other natural ingredients. About 5 ingredients in all. Needless to say I pulled it out the other day and my skin has calmed down tremendously.

    So of course I check out some books from the library about natural skin care. Using fruits, vegetables, herbs and essential oils to make your own products and I am going to give it a shot.

    I planted some mint, rosemary, thyme, and lavender to use in some of the products you can make.

    Cucumbers- great for calming skin
    Strawberries- contain salicylic acid
    Apples- natural alpha hydroxy acid

    So while I am not going cold turkey I think it is time for me to try and get back to the basics.

    Has anyone else ventured down this road before. I mean hardcore, not the occasional egg mask but making your own facial products, lotions, etc?
  2. I've tried before...i ran out and need to order more. Aloe vera cleared up my moms cystic acne when she was 19...aloe vera is also a natural healer! Just be sure to always always wear sunscreen!!!!
  3. I'm starting to really love natural and organic products too. I have so much fun making my own masks and things like that, plus as the OP noted, my skin feels SO much better when I switched to mostly natural skin care!
    Sweet Almond Oil for moisturizer (never clogged my pores, sinks in fairly quickly) and Honey masks (with aspirin and aloe more often than not!) are my favorite home remedies.
  4. I use several natural products mostly because I have psoriasis and it can show up on my face depending on what I eat.

    I regularly use natural homemade facial masks made of honey, yogurt, egg.

    Products I use are mostly organic or natural (Attitude line from Isreal - great dead sea products) Organic moisturizers.

    Exfoliate with sea salt, olive oil, honey, brown sugar or

    Drinking lots of water and green tea for detox.

    I need to try the aspirin mask soon!
  5. I'm a big fan of a mostly natural Australian line called Aesop, worth checking out.
  6. These all sound great. I have to stock up on ingredients. And a double boiler for some of the concoctions I have seen.
  7. Natural products are the best. It is said if you can't eat it you shouldn't put it on your skin.
  8. ALoe vera makes my skin totally red, just to remind you that everthing that's natural isen't good for you.

    But hey! I think your idea is great! Let us know how it's coming!

  9. Same thing happens to me, so I agree, everything isn't ok for everyone, test anything (even natural ingredients) before using on your skin.
  10. So I tried an Anti-Blemish Night Treatment last night:

    2 tbsp plain yogurt
    1 tsp lemon juice
    2 drops tee tree oil.

    Mix it up. Put it on. Leave on all night.

    It felt good. Of course it was very tingly from the tea tree oil, but I like tingly masks.

    Today my skin felt pretty good. Not as oily as normal. This recipe made enough for 2 masks so I am going to do it a again tonight.
  11. I went all natural with everything a few months ago- makeup, skincare, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner.... I have loved everything but the hair care products. They just aren't the same. Anyway, I feel so much better and as though I am really pampering myself when I use natural products. I love them!