All Nagging, No Bidding

  1. I'm disgusted. I've listed the same LV bag 3 times -- that's right 3 times. It's in nice condition and the price is more than fair. This time, I had 15 people watching and answered questions from 4 (one offered to buy it for $50 less if I threw in free shipping, too!). No more listing til the week before Thanksgiving. Either that or I'm gonna have an LV bonfire on my front lawn.:cursing:

    And how are you all today?
  2. Ha, ha, no bonfires, just hug your LV extra tight, tell it "I know you don't want to leave me, honey " & hang on until T-giving.
  3. If you dont mind me asking what bag are you selling and how much?:sweatdrop:

  4. I hear ya! :lol: I have 2 BIN and 4 people watching 1 and 3 watching the other. It's a BIN! Do you want it or not? I think ppl watch to see whether it sells and if not, how much the re-list price will be. I had to re-list an LV wallet which is almost new and almost $175 off retail and someone asks "I see you've re-listed the wallet at the same price, will you take $XXX because I was watching it last week"., because it's practically brand-new! If you want it, buy it! :hysteric:

  5. I hear ya too!! I hate having watchers on a BIN!! Either get it or don't. Of course I have been guilty of wathcing BIN in the past then I realized how much it annoyed me so I quit doing that. I am not really sure why I did it. Maybe I was waiting to see if I could afford it. IDK!! :p
  6. The same cheap b@stard who wanted me to sell for less and throw in shipping had the nerve to e-mail me AFTER the close of the auction to ask how much I'd be willing to sell it to her for now (and yes, still pay for shipping).

    LoveBolsas, it's a green mini pleaty and I started bidding at $399.99 with a BIN of $429.99.

    It wasn't like I was asking for unreasonable money. The bag was priced to go.
  7. I don't mean to offend anyone but OMG the loonies have been crawling out of the WOODWORK lately since I did a bunch of LV listings. It's not a brand I normally sell since I don't collect it, but I am selling a large consignment lot made up of a lot of LV. Is it just the LV eBay buyers who are total nutjobs??! Because seriously, "All nagging, no buying" is totally what I have been seeing too! I thought it was just me, LOL.

    I say wait until around Thanksgiving and then get ready for the bids to roll in!!
  8. What's really unbelievable is that the person who's trying to get the bag on the cheap sells fakes herself. I should send her a fake one. What could possibly happen? It's an off eBay transaction and if I make her send a money order...nah. But I can dream, right?
  9. Yes, I totally agree with you guys .. I, too, don't normally sell LV and the one listing I had garnered so may lowball offers and strange emails.
  10. No Cynthia, its been weird lately, It's not just LV buyers either!

    I had a nice bag end very cheaply the other day due to lack of bidders, and then afterwards I got a whole bunch of emails asking me if I had more of these to sell for such a "great" price!