All my stuff are in! YAY!

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  1. I feel like it's my birthday today! I ordered 3 LV pieces and they all happened to arrive today! What's odd though is that they were delivered by 3 different FedEx drivers!

    I love my new Mini Lin Speedy! I thought it was going to be larger, but I am pleased with the size! My SA at Neiman Marcus was absolutely wonderful! He even did a follow up call, sent me a thank you card and enclosed the full page catalog! :love:

    I love my EPI pocket agenda! I read through some threads on suggestions for wallets, and I will be using this as a wallet for now.

    Lastly, my Fleur de Porcelaine's to wrap on my Damier Speedy. I know it's an older style, but I hunted it down because someone on the board suggested it would look nice on Damier.

    So, I thank ALL OF YOU for influencing me to purchase these all! lol.

    YAY! I feel soooooooo overjoyed today! :wlae:

    Just wanted to share!
    DSC_0003.jpg DSC_0005.jpg
  2. Wow, I guess you had a great day :wlae: Congrats!
  3. Pretty...congrats!
  4. what for a wonderful day :lol: congrats :yahoo:
  5. COngrats!! Great stuff:smile:
  6. Congratulations and have fun with your purchases.
  7. Oh Congratulations!!!!!! I am so happy you are delighted with your purchases! I am also going to buy the epi pocket agenda, but not for me but for my mom! It's going to be her birthday soon.
  8. congrat's, what wonderful purchases :smile: Enjoy!
  9. woooohoooo I love the Fedex men! Congrats...they are all gorgeous!!!!!!!
  10. congrats!! does the pocket agenda fit money under the flats?
  11. congrats!! does the pocket agenda fit money under the flaps?
  12. your speedy looks great! congrats on all your new items!
  13. Congrats!! The Speedy is gorgeous :smile:
  14. Congrats on all your lovely purchases! :yahoo: You have an awesome SA! I loooove the red Fleur de Porcelain bandeau--I've wanted for that exact one! :heart: May I ask where you bought it? Oops, nevermind...I just read your post below about the Soho store. lol. :P
  15. Congrats, I love all three pieces, but especially the bandeau (I have it in blue as well !).