All my shoes came at once!

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  1. So I came home tonight to all the shoes I bought! What an awesome shoe day!

    First up- the leopard Miss Allen J's I bought on ebay. Oh my god. I did not realize it was possible to love a shoe this much. They are so stunning I can't believe it! I want to wear them tomorrow but not sure they're right for work. I have to say- I see how delicate the pony hair is. There's a little bald patch in the back but I know it's normal. Two things I was suprised by though- there is a stamp in the back of the shoe with the size and another number. Has anyone seen this before? Also, after what I'll post about next I checked the heel and one side looks awful- like the stretched the patent weird. Should I be worried about this or take it in to be fixed or something? I'm sure no one would notice when they're on but wow, if this is the CL workmanship I'm really suprised. Here are my (soon to be new avatar) pics:

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  2. ^^I have a stamp like that on my striped Simples.
  3. the other 2 pairs are vp 70s that i got from the barney's sale. they were 299 each.

    first is the red which i was sure i wouldn't like but they're actually more of a cranberry color and lovely. size 40. the second is luggage brown which i thought i would like more in a 39.5. the thing is- they're both in kind of bad shape. the brown one have really bad toe areas where the patent is glued down. and the red has the same issue on one toe (though not as bad) as well as some black marks on them and then, right on the heel, it looks like they drew on the side with marker. i guess that's how they all look but it's really bad for some reason.

    the 39.5 feels a teeny bit tight but no slippage, the 40 slips in the back a little but is better in the front.

    what would you do? keep them? return them? keep one? and if so, which? i don't have any red shoes at all so i like those but i also have very little brown so that might be nice to go with brown stuff. advise would be awesome! would you maybe call barneys and talk to them about the shoes? i'm just really suprised about the condition. even though they were on sale that's still A LOT of money for shoes.

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  4. a few more pics

    oh really laureen? so interesting. were these maybe limited runs or something? i am so jealous you have striped simples! that's a HG for me.

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  5. ^^Or maybe older styles have the stamp?

    As far as the damage, it really depends on how much it bothers you. I personally would not keep shoes that slip, though. You can always get the smaller ones stretched at a cobbler.
  6. does it look bad to you? i have 2 pairs of regular vps and the patent in the front is perfect...

    i just can't decide. maybe i should send them both back then.

    i so adore the leopards though! :love: i quit smoking and this was my gift to myself and i am so happy!:wlae::yahoo:
  7. I don't really think they look so bad in the pictures, and I'm sure that the flaws aren't noticeable when you wear the shoes. The leopards are adorable, I'm glad you went with red! Congrats on quitting smoking, you deserve the shoes for sure!
  8. thank you laureen!!! i really appreciate it! i'll have to sleep on the vps i guess. i really love the heel height but not sure. ah i might have to sleep WITH the leopards. is that weird? lol.
  9. Congrats on your great purchases, hlfinn!:tup:

    My striped Simples have a stamp on the back of the heel as well, as does the green striped pair (older style, I don't know the name)
  10. oooh i wanna see pics of a green striped pair!!
  11. I posted one in my collection thread :flowers:
  12. found them! i remember those! i was debating them and if i could make them work (they're a 39 right?). you have 2 of my all time HG shoes (or UHG)- the python green yoyos and the candy cane simples. ah. someday i'll find them! i love the roccia vps and the sirenes too! amazing!
  13. Congrats on your goodies.I would definitely call Barney's. I got a sale shoe last May that had some issues and they did give me a price adjustment.
  14. I really wanted to make them work too, but they're too big :Push: The striped Simples are my UHGs too :yes:, but I kind of regret getting the python Yoyos. I just haven't found the right occasion to wear them. :shame:

    But let's not hijack your thread! I love your leopard Miss Allen J! :flowers:
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    congrats! those leopards with the red trim look great on you!