All my random B-day loot! (Pic heavy) <3

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  1. So, my Birthday was 2 days ago on June 3rd and I got a bunch of various stuff and am so excited I wanted to finally post! I love big ranges of stuff and boy did I ever get at the end, a little tpf related item (did you really think I wasn't gonna get a handbag included!!!!!!!! lol). OK onto the presents!

    These are some of the new limited edition Chanel glosses. left--->right: Parents got: Equinox, Constellation, Andrew got: Siderel, Galactic, Parents again got: Astral.
    (I think you can see the subtle hint of which brand bag I

    New Cruxshadows CD from Andrew

    This was my one month wedding anniversary gift, but I shoved it in here as well, from Andrew (pink ipod shuffle)

    Ok, back to the B-day gifts!

    Pink Pearl/diamond/gold earrings from my Parents and a gold/aquamarine cross from Andrew

    from my Parents, my new Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Teal...I love this, it's much more a pine greenish tint in person...I dunno where they get teal, but yea i LOVE this.



    and here with his big brother in mouse.

    And as soon as it comes...from Andrew, my LV Gold Miroir Lockit!

    Yay. I also got taken to see spiderman 3 and dinner at Panino by Andrew (for those who lives on long island and go to roosevelt field mall, go to Panino Cafe, 2nd floor, next to macys & the apple/mac store. it's the best food, get the veal parmesean meal, you will not be disapointed. =D :heart:33 My parents took us all out the night before for their anniversary, my b-day begining to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...and yes, yum again. Go there! Right near the mall too, haha.

    Thanks for looking, xoxoxo.
  2. Wow! Great gifts!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  3. Nice stuff and happy belated! I didn't know about Panino Cafe, will check it out sometime!

    The purse matches your engagement ring now, yay!
  4. Awesome awesome awesome!!!
  5. Great great great gifts!!!!!!!
  6. Oh yea, happy belated!! :party:
  7. I love your stuff, Gayle! That bag is really beautiful, such a pretty green. I love green. And the cross is TDF... and I love lip gloss... love everything!

    Looks like you had a great birthday.
  8. nice loot...happy belated b-day
  9. Nice stuff, happy birthday, i loooove your stam!
  10. Lovely!!! We have the same birthday too! :party:
  11. Happy birthday! Love all your new gifts! Especially that baby stam! how cute!
  12. Happy Belated birthday it seems like you had a great b-day by all the gifts you got.
  13. Very nice B-day gifts! Congrats!
  14. Great gifts!! happy belated birthday!
  15. WOW...great gifts! Congrats :smile: