All my Mulberries! And some advice please

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  1. Alright Ladies, this is long overdue, as I have bought multiple Mulberry's with the help of you but never got around to showing them.

    And I would like ask some help in how to best care for them, I have talked to Mulberry here, but they tell me to only use the Collonil spray and that cannot be right? Then I read through the care thread and the grey patent Bay has some mis-coloration on the back (I think its from my coat) and I was thinking about trying the advice with the baby wipes and then to buy a patent care product, like the one they are selling now on the homepage.
    The ombre should also only be treated with the waterstop spray, or does anyone here do more?
    if any of you have one of these, I would love to hear how you care for them :smile:

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  2. beautiful collection _ i especailly like the mabel which i am fancying atm.

    Sorry dont know anything about patent - sure someone else will be along soon.
  3. ooh a lovely collection of bays!!!
  4. Ah thank you, I could just keep buying Bays, my husband thinks its crazy! "Don't you have that bag already?" ;D

    The Mabel is my first Mulberry and I lost the care card, I want to give her some Collonil cream de Luxe to care for her but yes or no?

    The Angelica is a new buy, and she is a delicate creature for sure and care advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  5. GORGEOUS collection! In the past I've used the collonil lack polish on patent leather, nothing else. U need a bit of elbow grease to buff it up to a glossy shine, but its worked on mine in the past.
  6. the bayswaters are beautiful! :drool:
  7. I have had a number of Angelicas, Aralines and Avimores. Collonil them to death, I say. Creams I have found are not the best as you seem to lose some of that buttery soft feel -maybe it was just me putting too much on my latest Avimore! Good luck, you have some real lovely bags there!!
  8. What a beautiful collection, I love your pictures. I think that my favourite us the gold bays. It is really special looking with just the right amount of built in bling! Perfect. Xx
  9. You are amassing some very beautiful bags here :smile: Stunning.

    I have had the navy patent bays before and a spaz leather Maggie, and never needed to do anything with them except buff them down with the dustbag when they got wet ;)
  10. Please please do NOT use collonil Lack polish on patent leather.

    The Lack polish will dry out Patent leather as will anything with sillicon in it.

    I use vaseline, let it dry and then buff (plenty of elbow) to a high shine.

    This is also the advice of Church's, Edward Green - VERY high end cobblers!
  11. :drool: Beautiful Bays collection :drool:
  12. Thank you for the compliments Ladies of Mulberry :P Its was the first I saw them all together and although I wish for a black bag, I do love what I have (so far hehe)

    @Mulberry Ellie, thank you! that was just the kind of advice I was looking for, I remember my mother telling me that they would polish their patent shoes with cream (the cooking kind) when she was young, but I haven't dared try it, vaselin seems more safe. Any takes on how to clean of the mis-colouration? I do think its color from my trenchcoat.

    @metalic glove, that you for the input, they are very delicate aren't they? Maybe I'll try with a tiny bit of cream under it and see how it goes, I don't know if the girl I bought it from used the Colloni spray.
  13. Beautiful bags in gorgeous neutral shades, pixelkitten - I particularly love your Ombre Bays! I'm totally with you in the Bays addiction, the shape just shows off different colours and finishes so well.

    ^ What you say about cream reminds me of when I was a little girl, we used to use milk to clean our leather ballet shoes!