All my LVs would equal.......?????

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  1. I got this idea straight from another board.....but it has got me thinking....

    With all of the purchases I got form LV....I could of done sooooo many things....its crazy to think about.....I feel shaky and insane..... :wacko:

    I could have gotten a Birkin, a nice goes on and on....:cursing:

    Im glad that Im in school now and cannot spend much anymore...:sweatdrop:
  2. ...a nice vacation for 1 or frugal vacation for 2
  3. A hefty down payment on the new car I'm going to need to hold all of my friggin' kids! :wtf:
  4. :nuts: :roflmfao:
  5. ...too depressing to think about!! LOL
  6. a new car just about
  7. I don't even want to say because you guys would think I was crazy! LOL
  8. ummm...a pretty nice car lol...oh well, I don't care, and I try not to think of 'depressing' things like this cuz money comes and goes. I don't see the need to save up, what for? for kids in the future? nah, i'm too young, just turned 20, so what? for future hubby? nah I don't think i'll marry lol, by the time I graduate I'm gonna be ya, too old lol. Besides, my SA said, QUOTE "people who spend money, are the ones who can MAKE money"! I love that! :biggrin:
    hmmm...btw this reminds me of my dad who's always asking me the same question lol ARRGHHH! Oh well, none of his busi-less-ness I don't use his money! blah! muhahahahaha

  9. Hahaha. Same here.
  10. I don't think about the price of the 'crazy' things I buy becaause I use my spending money from my paycheck and that's what it's for. :biggrin: It would just depress me to think!
  11. ...a ticket to rehab if there was an LV-holics Anonymous :sweatdrop::shame: And I bet I'm not the only one! :roflmfao:
  12. HAHA ELLE!

    mine would def be a down payment on a house for me!
  13. Do you think we could get a group discount to rehab???? :roflmfao:
  14. Mine would be a year's tuition at my university.
  15. I thought about it one day, I said "man I could really move out and put this $ on a nice house or something"

    1. great idea, would love to move out...

    2. but then I would have nothing nice like LV to put in it lol

    ohwell! $ well spent!