ALL My Jewelry Stolen..Advice On What to Replace First?

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I am very new to the forum, but I have lurked a few times in the handbag and jewelry threads.

    Back in June, our house was robbed and EVERY SINGLE piece of jewelry I own was stolen, including my treasured collection of watches. My items were not insured individually, and we got a tiny check from homeowners insurance which has made it financially difficult to replace all my treasured items.

    My reason for posting is to gather some opinions from everyone on where to begin? I had several items that I feel compelled to replace, but at the same time it really burns to spend thousands to repurchase something I already owned. For ex: I terribly miss my Chanel White J12 with diamond markers and my SS Cartier Roadster.

    If it were you, would you repurchase the exact items you had, or use this time to build a whole new jewelry wardrobe? The only thing I have purchased thus far is a white gold/4 diamond Cartier Love Bracelet, which I did not previously own. I find the majority of people telling me to start fresh with different items. What do you guys think??
  2. Sorry to hear about what happened. :sad: If you REALLY loved certain pieces, I think it'd be understandable to repurchase them. For everything else that you were only sort-of in love with...get something that you'd love to bits!
  3. Id repurchase the items that were the most important to me, and this time definitely insure them all!
  4. I just had the same thing happen to me, but fortunately everything was insured.

    Sorry about your loss, would replace the Rolex first, that's what I did.
  5. I would replace the classic items ie. Rolexes etc. Then when you're more comfortable, move towards stuff like Chanel J12 etc. And this time get a safe + insurance! :smile:
  6. Id look into Chubb for your new pieces. I know if they're higher value pieces they won't require you to do a house or car policy also.
  7. I'm SO sorry to hear about your situation! Did the police recover anything? Did you troll eBay, Craig's List, go to local pawn shops?

    Definitely replace what you miss. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Do you have a safe inside your house where you can lock up your things?
  8. How awful. Sorry to hear this.
    I would buy classic new items and indulge on a few rather then several smaller items:
    - one beautiful watch
    - diamond studs
    - diamond ring
    - pearl necklace
  9. I am so sorry. I would replace the watches, and then I would buy only pieces of very high quality- higher quality then you had before.

    For example, if you had 1 cttw studs in H color, go for 1.25 cttw in F color.
  10. I am also sorry to hear that this happened to you. I would replace the items that you really miss (what you consider your "go to staples") with the same items. And the rest I would buy new different items, maybe something special that you have always lusted after, but never justified buying.
  11. I am sorry this happened to you. Reminds me to update my jewelry rider. I would really consider how much I loved each piece and replace the most beloved first. I know I don't wear everything I have equally and some pieces aren't taken out often.
  12. Thanks for all your responses and I appreciate the sympathy! I still have nightmares about it. It was a HUGE mistake not insure each piece individually, we are obviously oblivious to the horrible things that can happen. I know our insurance would have sky rocketed thousands per year to insure all my jewelry, but now I have learned ITS WORTH IT!

    Longchamp: so sorry it happened to you as well, but I am SO happy to hear that you were wise enough to insure and protect yourself!

    Ame: I have never heard of Chubb, but I am certainly going to look into that! Thank you for the lead!

    Lorihmatthews: Again, stupidly no safe. We have lived in this house (I currently live with my parents) for over 20 years. It has always been an exceedingly safe neighborhood, so I guess we have lived with our heads in the sand. We have now installed a safe in the wall, got a new alarm system and added surveillance all around our house! My boyfriend and I have trolled ebay, craigslist, pawnshops, the whole bit. The police did absolutely NOTHING! Horrible experience, they did not even TRY even though I had ALL my original receipts, ALL my serial numbers to my watches, pictures of most of my items. We got a letter from police a week after the break in that said, sorry we have no leads this investigation is closed! My dad hired a PI and he has been attempting to find leads, but honestly I doubt any piece will be recovered if it has not already shown up.

    Monica: thanks for your suggestions. I definitely need a new watch, but have been torn as to what I should purchase first.

    AntiqueShopper: Yes, I really do want my watches back. I'm still debating which to purchase first, Chanel or my Roadster. I think I will have to go with my gut and see which i'm lusting after most.

    Tbbb: Definitely miss my beloved watches the most. The worst part is that the same watches I purchased 1,2,3 years ago are a lot more expensive now then when I purchased them. ugh!!!

    lulilu: yes, certainly update any type of protection you have towards all your items. I was very fortunate that they left behind all my Chanel, LV, Balenciaga, etc handbags/luggage at least. Imagine having to start fresh with your jewelry AND handbag collection. What a living nightmare!

    If it were you guys, would you wait and save to purchase 1 whole new watch that has lets say more diamonds and obviously different from what you previously had, or re purchase the SS Roadster and Chanel? I have also never had a Rolex, so that is weighing on my mind as an option as well??
  13. I would replace what I had, personally. If I loved it, then I would want it back.

  14. So sorry to hear of the theft. That happened to me about 10yrs ago. Some of my pieces really had sentimental value so I never tried to replace them. Over time I just got different pieces. I wanted to convey my sympathy. I don't really have advice to offer but I know how terrible you must feel.
  15. sorry to hear of your losses. i think you should repurchase items that you will have frequent use for or use that money to save up for bigger items. i think this is a good opportunity to change up your jewelry collection.