All my electric (blue GSH) dreams come true!!

  1. After waiting what seemed like forever, my EB GSH work arrived from BalParis!! :yahoo: The actual wait for the bag after sending in my forms and all was actually only 2 days. :smile: I love love the color! It's quite a chameleon color and I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow morning. :smile:

    closeup shot of the hardware

    front of the bag without flash

    back of the bag without flash

    front of the bag with flash
  2. With my new "electric blue" CLs :heart::
    without flash

    with flash

    Modeling shot! BTW, when I saw pictures of 08 Turq with GGH at BalSG, it looked exactly liked the color of my sweater :yes:

  3. WOW :drool::drool::drool:
  4. OMG! It looks fabulous!!! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! I must say though, i adooree your CL's!
  6. It's beautiful! All this electric blue is starting to make me want one! Congratulations!
  7. OMG pluiee, your EB is stunning!!! congrats! you got it from bal george V paris? it's very nice, love the color so much, and you rock it girl! :nuts:
    this saturday, i'll have to go to the George V shop to see the EB in real life.
    because at the printemps shop, they don't have it yet.
    just the sky blue, bubblegum, magenta, vert thym and only work and city styles. they do have a bubblegum money wallet too, but i fell for the 06 tiny little wallet i posted a couple of days ago.
  8. Amazing color on the bag - the blue and GSH are a perfect match. :drool:
    The shoes are super cute, too! :tup:
  9. awesome!!!! she is a beauty!!! congrats and enjoy!!!!!
  10. I just died and went to B Heaven.

    That is exactly how I had wanted EB to be! I need an EB SGH PT now!
  11. That color is beyond gorgeous...seriously :drool:. Perfection!!!
  12. Wow, so gorgeous!! EB is really growing on me!! And the CL's are amazing too!! I saw those online and wondered if they were the color of EB - what a perfect match!!
  13. I'm speechless :love:
    This bag is fabulous and it must look even better with your new Louboutins.
    The color is gorgeous and I love the way the SGH stands out.
  14. Love your electric blue, and your new CL! Just wonderful!
  15. :wlae:That's one hot bag!! Congrats!!