All my Balenciagas have been re-homed!

  1. Well girls/guys

    The deed is done! I have sold all of my Balenciagas! I'm kinda :yahoo: and kinda :crybaby:

    I just sold of my last one (05' Navy Twiggy) to a BIN in Italy so she will be on her way tomorrow!

    So... time to start planning my trip (I have decided on Thialand) and I have a lot of extra cash to muck around with also...
    Perhaps I should take two holidays :beach: eheheheh

    Anyway... I'm sure I will still be around the forum, drooling at other PF'ers bags... but until next year, I am b-bag free!

    Thanks for all your support with everything! I think I have made the right choice and cant wait to soak up the sun!


    PS - Time to change my Avatar... they dont belong to me anymore... :sad:
  2. Well, I'm glad you sold them SO FAST (I wish I could)! Now you can enjoy an AMAZING vacation! I can't wait to see what you end up getting next year to start your next Bbag family!:yes:
  3. Oh Lordy, just make sure you watch Brokedown Palace before you leave and stay safe... :p

    Well dear, congratulations on giving all of your bbags loving homes! I know its tough now, but there will be more bbags in your future!! Good luck with school too!! :yes:
  4. Thanks girlies... I'm sure I will have a blast with my b-bag money which is what they would of wanted... lol
  5. You will have a fantastic holiday!
  6. wowza, where have i been, i guess i missed part 1 of this thread :wtf::shrugs::heart:...but congrats on your trip & hope you come back to b-bags again someday...and i love your new avatar, i :heart: pitbulls too!!!
  7. fashion-cult : enjoy ur vacation!!! it's not an easy move but u made it....also, u will be able to find ur bbags again next time, however, this forum is always full of great threads which u can always pop by to view and drool over their collections.....hehehehe
  8. Wow congrats on the speedy sales!!!! Have a great holiday you deserve it!!!
  9. Congrats and enjoy your windfall. Have a wonderful trip!
  10. Have a fun trip! You are brave to have parted with all of your Bbags!
  11. I know how you feel! I sold all my Bbags a few months ago, no regrets at all. I was burnt out on them. I did just buy a Marine City, and I am thinking of selling that one as well, that didnt take long, I have had it less than a week. Congrats on your trip!
  12. Donna, why are you already burnt out again?:confused1:
  13. Fashion-cult - You will LOVE Thailand. I dream about the food their every night. It is so beautiful and the people are unbelievably friendly. Plus, the american dollar is very stron gover there so you feel very rich.
  14. Have a WONDERFUL FANTASITIC time on your trip. I've always wanted to go to Thailand. Post lots of pics when you get back!

    I love your avatar too. Pitbulls are so misunderstood. I have a wonderful amazing little blue pittie that I adopted from the humane society almost 3 years ago. I may need to change my avatar too to show her off!
  15. fashion, I'm so happy that you were able to sell all your Bbags! Keep us posted on the Thai holiday, and post pics, pics and more pics! Keep posting here, as well, though. Once a Bbag owner, always a Bbag owner even if your babies have been re-homed...:yes: